Louisiana (USA), 1825 – Thousands of African people are deported to work in precious coffee, tobacco and cotton plantations. Amongst them is Joshua, an 11 year old boy who was born aboard the “Guerreiro do Mar”, a galleon of Portuguese slave drivers. Trafficked and bought when he was just an infant, Joshua works daily in the fields that belong to the Gallaway household, south-west of the city of New Orleans. Just like any child his age, he is full of dreams, but his destiny was determined on the day he was born enslaved. Joshua will need to find the strength to fight against one of the greatest injustices of humanity. The story is filled with twists and turns, however the plot of the story will depend entirely on you and your decisions of the selections that you will have to make.

Features of the game:

– “The United States of America from the 19th Century”, is portrayed in evocative graphics which is displayed in pixel art.
– An original story with an engaging and addictive narrated adventure, which is composed of 3 chapters. Experience the opportunity to fight for your freedom and that of your people.
– There are dozens of characters to communicate with; will you manage to figure out who really wants help? Remember that trusting the wrong person may be fatal.
– There are many cut scenes where you will really have to engage at a rapid rate. Timing is everything, and quite often you will need to make some truly tough decisions.
– English is the capital language spoken throughout the game; however subtitles are available in different languages.

I’m Joshua is an adventure game, point and click, for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux). It will be released in three chapters.