Devlog #4

Hi all,
welcome in the #4 Devlog of I’m Joshua!
We’re sorry that you have waited so long to read this post.
To forgive us today we release our biggest Devlog!
Ok let’s begin 🙂


We have completed the whole function. How it works:

– Highlight: placing the mouse over an item, appear the name and a curved arrow (it starts from the name and end to the item).
– Inspection: clicking the item appear the full screen image and the description. From the inspection page you can add the item to the inventory or go back to the previous scene.
– Pick: add the item to the inventory, removing it from the scene and the inspection page.
– Drop: drop the item from the inventory, adding it again to the scene and the inspection page.
– Use: try to use the item as requested from the game.

Joshua can carry till 2 items, then we have decided to not set an items pannel; the carried items will appear on top right of the screen.


We have completed the main animations for the movement of Joshua and loaded into the scenes:

– Idle: Joshua breaths and wait your orders
– Walk: Joshua walk to left or right
– Run: Joshua run to left or right

The run can be activated/deactivated pressing the “R” button on the keyboard.



– Diary
– Characters
– Locations

The 3 pannels contain useful informations about the game background and story.
The Diary pannel allows to reload the old pages of the Joshua’s diary, watching again the played scene.
In the Locations pannel there is a list of the visited places. When Joshua enters into a new area, the place is unlocked in the Locations pannel. Clicking the place you can read the description.
The Characters pannel works in the same way of the Locations pannel: there is a list of the characters met by Joshua. When Joshua meets a new character, that person is unlocked in the Characters pannel. Clicking the character you can read the biography.



Pristina and Viner Hand ITC are the fonts choosen to use for the game texts.
Till now we have used Viner Hand ITC to design the game logo and Pristina for the contents of the Joshua’s diary.
The texts that appear in the screenshots above (item name and description) are set with Pristina, but need to be fixed.
We are building the format, required by the gaming software, of the two file fonts (a task a little bit long).


The #4 Devlog is over, stay tuned for the next updates.
We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂

The staff of I’m Joshua