Devlog #5

Hi all,
welcome in the #5 Devlog of I’m Joshua, the First episode that we release this year.

The Devlog of today is fully dedicated to the voices of the 24 characters available in I’m Joshua.
The 16th February we have started the game auditions, they are expired two weeks ago.



First of all we wish to send a special thanks to the VOC (Voice Acting Club), because is a fantastic forum where you can meet many voice talents from all over the world.
In 6 weeks we got auditions from over 70 voice actors!
We are very satisfied of this impressive result and for the good feedback received for I’m Joshua.
The female role most requested has been Rebecca Gallaway, with 18 auditions got; regarding the male role we got 25 and 24 auditions for Jacob and Harold Gallaway.
Below you can read the results of the auditions, divided for characters (click on the image to load the big version):



Now we start to hear the received WAV files and assign the 24 character roles to the voice actors.
We are truly excited to work with so many people!

As last update of this Devlog we post a new image of the game: Joshua runs through a corn field.



The #5 Devlog is over, stay tuned for the next updates. 🙂
We wish you a happy Easter!

The staff of I’m Joshua