Devlog #1

Hi all,

welcome in the Devlog of I’m Joshua! Here you will find interesting stuff about the development cycle of our Indie game. We will update this page about once per month. Ok… let’s start with this First post! 🙂

As you know this is the First of the three chapters of I’m Joshua that will be released through the following years. This means that we have to develop all the main functions of the game: dialog system, multilanguage, menu, GUI, global variables, quick time events, items inventory, and much more.
In adding there is the huge effort regarding the making of the: animations, cutscenes, audio production and more. It’s a true challenge! But we’re working on this project with great passion, hoping to do a good job.
Luckily we don’t need to develop again the main functions for the Second and Third chapter of I’m Joshua, allowing us to reduce the development time and efforts.



Regarding the game programming we have chosen to work with Construct 2, a software that allows us to quickly work and export the game build for Windows, Mac and Linux. We have set a game launcher that allows to direct load a game sequence, in order to quickly work on it and know the tasks for completion.



Our dream is to give a gaming experience like the awesome The Walking Dead S1 and S2 and Life is Strange (this last one is our all time favorite adventure game). Even if we reach just a little percentage of the quality of those games, we will got a great achievement. For today it’s all. In the Devlog #2 we will talk about the plot of I’m Joshua. We end this Devlog #1 posting a new image of I’m Joshua.



Thanks for enjoying our Devlog and stay tuned for the next update! 🙂

The staff of I’m Joshua