Devlog #2

Hi all!
Welcome on the #2 Devlog of I’m Joshua! We hope you are enjoying a hot and happy summer 🙂
Today we talk about the storyline and the dialog system of I’m Joshua
The game plot has been completed months ago, at the moment we are polishing it a little bit.
The storyline of I’m Joshua is so based:

* 20 interactive characters
* Over 1,100 dialogues (with audio voices) for almost 19,000 words
* Over 10 locations to explore

A game function allows us to quickly load a CSV file with the whole dialog texts. The same function will manage also the multilanguage system, that we will add in the next months.
Our dialog system allows to select till 3 answers. This is our dialog system with a W.I.P. graphics and text font:

As you know I’m Joshua is storyteller based game: the choices to do are a main feature of the game. Some choices will change significant the storyline, the dialog system will be marked with an alternative graphics. This is a feature that we saw used in Life is Strange (below an image of that game), and it works great!

The #2 Devlog is over.
We wish you a happy summer and we see in the next episode!

The staff of I’m Joshua