Devlog #3

Hi all,
welcome in the #3 Devlog of I’m Joshua!
Today we talk about the current status of two main functions of the game: the quick time events and the items.

* QUICK TIME EVENTS: The code of the function is ready, it’s available in two versions. The First version can be accomplished with a single click, we use this QTE when the player must do a fast action; for example: take an item, throw an item, avoid an attack. The Second version requires many fast clicks to be accomplished, we use this QTE when the player must do a slow action using its strenght; for example: climb a wall, turn a rusty valve. In both the versions is set a countdown timer, the player must completes the action before it expires. Below a mocap of the function:

* ITEMS: We have completed the main code of the function. If the player moves the mouse over an item, it’s highlighted and appears the name. Clicking on the item appears the full screen image and description. From that screen the player can do two actions: add the item in the inventory, go back to the previous screen. Our next task is the development of the inventory pannel to manage the item (use and look). Below an image of the function (the graphics effects and texts are mocap).

Soon we will start the audition for the voices of the game characters.
Probably we will talk about the audio in one of the next episodes of the devlog.
The #3 Devlog is over, stay tuned for the next updates! 🙂

The staff of I’m Joshua