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Devlog #5

Hi all,
welcome in the #5 Devlog of I’m Joshua, the First episode that we release this year.

The Devlog of today is fully dedicated to the voices of the 24 characters available in I’m Joshua.
The 16th February we have started the game auditions, they are expired two weeks ago.

First of all we wish to send a special thanks to the VOC (Voice Acting Club), because is a fantastic forum where you can meet many voice talents from all over the world.
In 6 weeks we got auditions from over 70 voice actors!
We are very satisfied of this impressive result and for the good feedback received for I’m Joshua.
The female role most requested has been Rebecca Gallaway, with 18 auditions got; regarding the male role we got 25 and 24 auditions for Jacob and Harold Gallaway.
Below you can read the results...

Devlog #4

Hi all,
welcome in the #4 Devlog of I’m Joshua!
We’re sorry that you have waited so long to read this post.
To forgive us today we release our biggest Devlog!
Ok let’s begin 🙂

We have completed the whole function. How it works:

– Highlight: placing the mouse over an item, appear the name and a curved arrow (it starts from the name and end to the item).
– Inspection: clicking the item appear the full screen image and the description. From the inspection page you can add the item to the inventory or go back to the previous scene.
– Pick: add the item to the inventory, removing it from the scene and the inspection page.
– Drop: drop the item from the inventory, adding it again to the scene and the inspection page.
– Use: try to use the item as requested from the game.

Joshua can...

Devlog #3

Hi all,
welcome in the #3 Devlog of I’m Joshua!
Today we talk about the current status of two main functions of the game: the quick time events and the items.

* QUICK TIME EVENTS: The code of the function is ready, it’s available in two versions. The First version can be accomplished with a single click, we use this QTE when the player must do a fast action; for example: take an item, throw an item, avoid an attack. The Second version requires many fast clicks to be accomplished, we use this QTE when the player must do a slow action using its strenght; for example: climb a wall, turn a rusty valve. In both the versions is set a countdown timer, the player must completes the action before it expires. Below a mocap of the function:

* ITEMS: We have completed the main code of the function...

Devlog #2

Hi all!
Welcome on the #2 Devlog of I’m Joshua! We hope you are enjoying a hot and happy summer 🙂
Today we talk about the storyline and the dialog system of I’m Joshua
The game plot has been completed months ago, at the moment we are polishing it a little bit.
The storyline of I’m Joshua is so based:

* 20 interactive characters
* Over 1,100 dialogues (with audio voices) for almost 19,000 words
* Over 10 locations to explore

A game function allows us to quickly load a CSV file with the whole dialog texts. The same function will manage also the multilanguage system, that we will add in the next months.
Our dialog system allows to select till 3 answers. This is our dialog system with a W.I.P. graphics and text font:

As you know I’m Joshua is storyteller based game: the choices to do are ...

Devlog #1

Hi all,

welcome in the Devlog of I’m Joshua! Here you will find interesting stuff about the development cycle of our Indie game. We will update this page about once per month. Ok… let’s start with this First post! 🙂

As you know this is the First of the three chapters of I’m Joshua that will be released through the following years. This means that we have to develop all the main functions of the game: dialog system, multilanguage, menu, GUI, global variables, quick time events, items inventory, and much more.
In adding there is the huge effort regarding the making of the: animations, cutscenes, audio production and more. It’s a true challenge! But we’re working on this project with great passion, hoping to do a good job.
Luckily we don’t need to develop again the main functions for the S...